Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CoconutKit 1.0.1 released

Version 1.0.1 of the CoconutKit library for iOS has been released. The source code and binaries are available from the github project page.

Dynamic localization

This version includes a very interesting and clever feature, called dynamic localization, which has been contributed by Cédric Luthi (0xced) (thanks!). Using the new HLSDynamicLocalization category of NSBundle, it is now easy to write applications which allow the language to be changed at runtime, without the need to leave the application. Check out the demo project to see how this works in practice.

Action sheet

UIActionSheet has some drawbacks: It is not easy to separate the code assigned to each button, especially if some buttons are hidden under certain circumstances. Moreover, the behavior of action sheets is somewhat annoying on the iPad, especially when actions sheets are shown from a bar button item. The HLSActionSheet class, a subclass of UIActionSheet, solves all those issues.

Code snippets

Some code snippets have been provided to make classes using CoconutKit even easier to implement.

Release notes

  • Added dynamic localization (thanks to Cédric Luthi)
  • Added unit tests
  • Added action sheet
  • Added UIView category for conveying custom information and tagging a view using a string
  • Added code snippets
  • Renamed HLSXibView as HLSNibView, and the xibViewName method as nibName. Removed macros HLSTableViewCellGet and HLSXibViewGet (use class methods instead)
  • Moved methods for calculating start and end dates to NSCalendar extension
  • Fixes for iOS 5
  • Various bug fixes
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