Friday, August 12, 2011

Announcing CoconutKit

I am pleased to announce the release of the CoconutKit library for iOS. Please refer to the github project page for more information.

A short screencast is available from my Vimeo page. It shows how to link against the CoconutKit library and how to use some of its classes. You have to login to be able to download the HD version (the embedded video has a lower resolution).

Have fun using CoconutKit!

What is CoconutKit?

CoconutKit is a library of high-quality iOS components written at hortis le studio and in my spare time. It includes several tools for dealing with view controllers, multi-threading, view animations, as well as some new controls and various utility classes. CoconutKit is distributed under a permissive MIT license, which means you can freely use it in your own projects (commercial or not).

Where can I download CoconutKit?

You can download CoconutKit from my github page, both in binary and source forms.

What can I find in CoconutKit?

CoconutKit provides your with several kinds of classes covering various aspects of iOS development:

  • High-quality view controller containers (view controller embedding, view controller stacking) with several transition animations
  • View controllers for web browsing and for easier table view search management
  • Multi-threaded task management, including task grouping, cancelation, progress status, task dependencies and remaining time estimation
  • New controls (text field moving automatically with the keyboard, new kind of segmented control)
  • Various extensions to Cocoa and UIKit classes (date and time, collections, notifications, etc.)
  • Classes for common UI tasks (keyboard management, interface locking)
  • Classes for single-line table view cell and view instantiations
  • Classes for creating complex view animations made of several sub-animations
  • Lightweight logger, assertions, float comparisons, etc.
  • ... and more!
  • ... and even more to come!
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