Monday, August 8, 2011

New material coming (finally!)

Please apologize for having been so silent during the last few months. I was quite busy writing new posts about stuff I like to code and talk about, but a few pieces were still missing before I could officially announce them.

When writing about a topic in particular, I always run into the same issue: Sample code. Usually, I love having some code to illustrate a given topic. This not only makes sometimes abstract concepts more concrete, but also gives the reader a chance to have a look at interesting implementation details, and to see that concepts I talk about actually work. Most of the times, though, the topics I want to discuss are part of a larger picture for which it is difficult to give small isolated examples. And while toy examples are sometimes good, they are often of too limited (re)use to make them interesting when decoupled from the article they were written for.

Creating examples for articles is frustrating when you have them readily available, just not publicly. This is why I am pleased to announce that I was allowed to publish the library components I write for my company hortis le studio on my github page, with a permissive open source license. Most of the posts I will publish in the future will cover components you will find in it, eliminating the need for me to write redundant sample code. This way I will be able to dedicate my articles to what I find really interesting: How I design components, which choices I make an why, and finally how I implement them. Each article will contain some obvious pointers to the library code. Armed with this knowledge, the interested reader should be able to have a look at the code itself, which I always try to document and comment as precisely as I can.

Creating and polishing this library took me quite a bit of time, so did writing articles about it. I hope you will forgive me my last months of (apparent) inactivity when you finally see the result. The release is scheduled for this week, and I will publish at the same time the really extensive coverage of view controller containers I promised a few months ago. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience!


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